5 Top Places for Student Travel

How can you travel while a college student? It is a topic that college students often encounter stressing about when their winter or summer vacation approaches. It isn’t easy for college students at colleges to pick the most appropriate place to spend their summer vacation. That is why we have made a list of the most desirable places where students can go to.

Opting Barcelona in Spain

If you’re looking for suggestions from your senior their favorite places to visit during the summer it is likely that a lot of them suggest you visit Barcelona to Spain. You may wonder why this is this way. The reason many of your fellow student travelers decide to travel to Spain is that Barcelona has several distinct advantages making your travels enjoyable. One example of the advantages of picking Barcelona as your destination for your next vacation are as follows:

  • Barcelona’s unique infrastructure – If are a student who loves stunning architecture, then should know about Gaudi Gaudi, an iconic as well as a well-known architect for his work. Barcelona is among the most important cities where Gaudi made his name. Here is a selection images of his breathtaking and mesmerizing work, which college students are eager to view. Also, Barcelona is full of remarkable facades with fantastic interiors, making this place one of the most popular destinations for college students to travel. With all the beautiful and colorful boulevards and grand streets with the hint of French influence all over the place, Barcelona is a must-visit.
  • The sea view The view from the sea is not complete until you’ve visited a foreign beach. Luckily, Barcelona is not a landlocked nation. The beaches can be pretty entertaining with their smooth and clean beach, which is perfect for bonfires and concerts, as well as cocktail parties, and numerous other events.
  • The weather is one of the reasons that make Barcelona it among popular tourist destinations is the weather. The temperature here is almost warm around the year making it a fantastic tourist attraction. Also, if you’re living in a tropical, wet country, Barcelona would be the ideal destination to visit.

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A trip to Venice in Italy

When you were a student you may have noticed that a lot of students are traveling to Europe in the winter months. What is the reason? What’s so exciting about going to Europe on their winter holidays? It is because located in Southern Europe, Italy is situated. So, the students are enthusiastic about visiting the cities of Italy during their vacations. It is time to think in what it is that makes Italy such a unique place to visit. There are numerous locations in Italy which will make your trip remarkable. There is one such place in Italy known as Venice. Venice is one of the most desired places around the globe where people wait and save money all year to go on vacation.

  • City of canals – One of the main reasons that people are drawn to spending their vacation within Venice are the waterways. Venice is a huge group made up of one hundred eighteen islands situated in close proximity. It is also referred to as the Floating City because there are no roads or automobiles. In order to get around the city, it is necessary be able to ride on ferry boats and ferries. This makes the place better as you get to have an experience that you cannot get in a city.
  • Gondola boats They are the most sought-after leisure time when they are going on vacation. It is fortunate that Venice specializes in these kinds of things. Gondola rides are among of the most enjoyable things to do in this city. The gondoliers’ special maneuvers take place through the canals deep in Venice while passing by historical monuments and other sights. The rides in one of these boats will be especially memorable if the gondolier sings songs for the crowd.
  • Masks Masks Venice is also renowned for the wide variety of masks they sell. There are many types of masks to choose from, at various prices, which are suitable for every tourist according to their tastes and budget.

Crete in Greece

If you’re in search of the ideal college Europe trip, then Crete in Greece is one of your top options. Students are incredibly excited about visiting this location there during their vacations. Crete may not appear the photos you see if look it up on the internet however once you are there, you’ll be in bliss. Here are a few advantages of visiting Greece.

  • Seductive beaches Cretan beaches are the ultimate paradise tourist, especially young people. The atmosphere here is captivating that you will not want to leave the moment they arrive. With the crystal clear blue waters and the captivating marine life, beaches are one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Crete.
  • Low costs – If are in search of cheap getaways to college students during summer in the summer, then Crete is the right place to go. The cost of food and other commodities here are very low. This makes it one of the optimal spots for students, as they can be able to travel with a tight budget.
  • Hospitality – The inhabitants of Crete are adorable. They are so accommodating to tourists, particularly visiting students, that it’s too fantastical to be true. These people would shower them with love and affection that makes your stay more unforgettable.
  • Food The food Cretan food is renowned for its unique taste across the world. The food here is so delicious that you will want to lick your hands. Alongside that they offer a variety here which you will not be able to find anywhere else.

A Trip in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon in Portugal

The trip in Lisbon and Portugal is among the best travel experiences on the list for college pupils. You might not have heard of this place so much but Lisbon is one of the destinations that people want to go to. Here are some reasons why.

  • Views of the stunning scenery beauty of Lisbon is awe-inspiring to tourists.
  • Weather – The temperature here is mild throughout the year, which is a plus for both tourists and locals.
  • Architecture – The infrastructure of Lisbon is unique in that it isn’t found anywhere else in the world. This makes it one of top spots to visit.

Going to Lanzarote to the Canary Islands

Lanzarote is among the areas where beauty can be found in abundance of both the people and locations. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit and explore the Canary Islands.

  • Accessible and easily accessible surfing spots
  • Diving activities
  • Best breakfast spots on the beach


Traveling can be enjoyable when you know the perfect destination in the back of your mind. But, it’s not quite easy to choose such an area where you will relax and enjoy your holidays. The good news is that we have listed five of the most popular destinations to visit when you are a student from which you could pick one.

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